How can I lower glucose naturally?

Patty Bonsignore


The best way to lower blood glucose naturally is to increase your physical activity to at least 150 minutes per week of aerobic activity. We usually recommend 30 minutes of moderate activity, 5 times per week if possible. The other way to lower blood glucose naturally is by having and following a meal plan. This involves meeting with a nutritionist, reviewing what you normally eat and then coming up with a plan for a certain amount of carbohydrate per meal. For men who are trying to lose weight, this amount can range anywhere between 45 to 75 grams of carbohydrate per meal depending on your activity level. If you are already doing both of those things and your blood glucose levels remain high, then usually medications are needed and, for most people, that means starting metformin. There are some herbal remedies out there on the market that claim to lower blood glucose, however, the problem is that these remedies are not regulated by the FDA, e and they not been extensively researched. For this reason, in general, we don’t make recommendations regarding natural remedies. The benefit of prescribed medications is that we know the doses are standardized, they have been used extensively and are deemed safe by the FDA.

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coragem 2014-02-06 21:23:52 -0600 Report

My numbers are 159 glucose levels, and A1c is 8.0. so I have 6 weeks to bring those numbers down. I hope I can do it without meds

JSJB 2012-04-21 04:17:09 -0500 Report

My physical activity is almost nill during the day so I bought a stationary bike and ride20- 30 mintes a day at different resistances. This adds up to about 3 miles a day and my carb intake is low about 30 to 45 a day. My blood glucose is usuall 100 to 112 when I follow this schedule. I also take met. twice a day and sometime I skip the second pill. I read about other remedies but haven't tried them since I'm satisfied with what I am doing.