How does Metformin work? Do I take it if my numbers are near or below 100? I have type 2 and test often. Sometimes in the mornings, I'm at 89, 93, 113, so I'm very nervous about taking Metformin. I've already cut the dose in half. My neighbor says metformin can't drop sugars too low. I did lose weight & I walk my dog so I can drop my numbers, however since my hip surgery so I don't feel like the long walks as much. if I cheat, my numbers go to 160-180 but a short walk drops it by 40 points.

Dr. William Sullivan


As you may be aware, metformin is the most common medication used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It works primarily by decreasing the amount of glucose that is secreted by the liver. Metformin is weight neutral (not associated with weight gain like certain other diabetes medications) and is not associated with low glucose levels. The main side effects with metformin are GI upset and loose stools – which may improve over time. As metformin does not cause low glucose levels, this medication can be taken if blood glucose readings are in low 100’s or less. You should review with your healthcare provider your individual blood glucose goals and guidelines for taking your metformin dose. m

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Can metformin cause rapid heart beat? And how do I know if it does? I started getting rapid heart beat after 8 days of starting metformin. …