me and my girls


my daugther is newly diagnosed with type 1.5. She has been off insulin for 2 months with several low numbers around 50. This has beenvery confusing to her.Her numbers are slowly rising again and I stared giving insulin again today. when should they give me the pump and what questions should I be asking our Doctor? with every doctor appt we come back home with more question on her treatment. as of now we only treat with a correction not for what we eat. when i ask them how much her calorie intake shold be they say she should have 45-60 carb per meal snacks should be 15 if needed. she is only 11 she needs certain things for her growing body? they also did test and found several allergies and suggest i put her on a gluten free diet. Lots to deal with any advice?

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March 20, 2012 at 12:58 pm