Which is better to count: carbs or calories?

Amy Campbell


For blood glucose management, counting carbs (also known as carbohydrate counting), is likely to be more effective than counting calories. Carbohydrate, protein and fat all provide calories, but it’s carbohydrate that has the most effect on blood glucose. Carbohydrate is found in starchy foods, such as bread and pasta, fruit, milk and sweets. The goal isn’t to stop eating carbohydrate, but rather, aim for a consistent amount each day that will help you manage your blood glucose. However, it’s still important to limit how much protein and fat you eat, because they contain calories, and eating too much of foods containing either of these nutrients may lead to weight gain. You don’t necessarily have to count calories from protein or fat foods, but you should limit your portions. A dietitian can help you determine the amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat that’s right for you.

March 12, 2012 at 3:35 pm

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JSJB 2012-04-29 04:42:00 -0500 Report

I count carbs but while checking low carb recipies I have noticed that some have whole wheat bread in them. So a sandwich can have atleast 39 carbs and I limit myself to about 30 to 35 a day. I have be carb counting for over 30 years and limited my carb count to 60 carbs a day. I only used it when I notice I was gaining weight but now, after being pre diagnosed, I count carbs every day. A typical carb day for me is, Breakfast egg beaters and bacon two cups of black coffee. No lunch sometimes I snack on shaved walnuts or pecans. Evening meal Salad with low fat dressing. Night time snack 2 pcs of dark chocolate 90% cocoa. There are mornings that I test and the results are great 100 t0 120 and other days, like this morning, 133 the evening meal consisted of hamburger, no roll, onions peppers katsup and cole slaw, which I might have over indulged in. Am I doing it wrong?