A year ago, I found out that I am prediabetic. I have changed my diet and exercise. I read somewhere (can't find it again) that dry skin other than feet can be a problem. I have a very dry itchy scalp and around the ears. I use Selsun Blue shampoo and cortizone 10. But it does not seem to be helping much. Any ideas?

Amy Campbell


A dry, itchy scalp may or may not be related to your prediabetes. Skin issues, including dry skin, are more common among people with diabetes than among those without diabetes. Possible causes include high blood glucose levels, an allergy, a yeast or bacterial infection, or a reaction to shampoo or detergent. If the shampoo and cortisone ointment do not seem to be helping your condition, make an appointment with your healthcare provider who may refer you to a dermatologist for treatment.