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I am controlling my blood sugar level with diet — 117 average for the last three months. My big toe throbs at times and the nail looks black-ish like there is blood under it. What's up?

Patty Bonsignore


If your blood glucose levels on average have been around 117, that is excellent. The problem with your nail may or may not be related to your diabetes, but you should definitely have a doctor take a look at it as soon as you can. Sometimes the throbbing means that old blood is caught underneath the nail. This can happen due to injury, such as stubbing the toe or dropping something on it. A doctor is able to release this pressure, and will also be able to make sure an infection has not developed underneath the toenail. Signs of infection can be increased swelling, drainage, redness and/or pain, but if it is far enough along the skin can turn black. Anytime there is pain in a toe and/or discoloration combined with the diagnosis of diabetes, it’s a good idea to get the site checked right away.