Is there something I could do before I have to go to insulin shots? I go to the VA for my diabetes and am taking all the oral meds. I also keep a count on the carbs that I take in.

Patty Bonsignore


There are 4 main ways to take care of your diabetes -- meal planning (carb counting), physical activity, taking medications and checking your blood glucose. The best way to keep diabetes under control is to make sure you are not eating too many carbs, are physically active 30 minutes, 5 times per week, are taking your medications and monitoring your A1C and blood glucose numbers. Even with all these interventions, large studies have shown that eventually about half of the people who have type 2 after 10 years of having diabetes need to go on insulin. The best way to determine if you need insulin is to look at your A1C and blood glucose numbers; if the numbers are still high despite everything you are doing, chances are that you will need to start insulin.