Are grapes and/or grape juice bad for people with type 2 diabetes?

Amy Campbell


No, grapes and grape juice are not “bad” for people with diabetes. Grapes are actually rich in phytonutrients, nutrients that are thought to play a role in disease prevention, cognitive function and immunity. However, it’s important to keep in mind that all fruit and fruit juices contain carbohydrate. People with diabetes need to control their carbohydrate intake. A “serving” of grapes is about 17; a serving of grape juice is 1/3 of a cup. Depending on your carbohydrate goals for your meals and snacks, you should be able to fit grapes and/or grape juice into your eating plan, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your portion. Also, it’s generally recommended that one eat whole fruit instead of drinking juice. Drinking juice is less satisfying than eating fruit, and some people find that it raises blood glucose levels rather quickly.

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JSJB 2012-03-12 17:36:45 -0500 Report

Glad to hear that because my vines are starting to bud. Will be munching on home grown grapes soon