Does it really matter what brand meter you use, or how big or small it is?

Farrah M


Hi and thanks for the question! There are a variety of meters on the market with different features, so it is really up to what you want and what your doctor would recommed!

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Joltdude 2012-03-04 13:39:40 -0600 Report

Iv found that some meters are more friendly, and others make it more convienent to use them, or have some sort of oh cool thing thats like. Oh this isnt bad.. that sort of propels you a bit to use them more..

Joltdude 2012-03-04 13:38:43 -0600 Report

Choosing a meter is sort of like buying a car, you can usually get most of what you want, not all, but there are certain things you might require, The key ones for me is connectivity (connects to a computer, sample size, and a backlight/clear display), others want more data and meal flags, and others need/like a strip light.. And theres also what strips are covered by insurance or health coverage provider.. You might decide to try other meters, as they are not really a one type fits all thing.. its what works for you.

camerashy 2012-02-27 16:54:01 -0600 Report

So, basically they are all sufficient. I don't have a doctor, but have been accepted for a diabetic clinic for those of us who can't get control. Yay!