Rod Campbell


I am approximently 175 lbs overweight. I am looking for a diet to supplement my increased physical activity.

Amy Campbell


Your best bet is to meet with a dietitian who can help you develop an eating plan that’s designed for weight loss, and that will also help you manage your diabetes at the same time. Any “diet” that you might find on, say, the Internet or in a book is unlikely to help you be successful because it won’t be tailored to the way you like to eat, your diabetes treatment plan, and your physical activity. And since you have a lot of weight to lose, you need a personalized approach that you can stay with long term. You might also decide that a commercial weight loss program or a meal replacement program might be beneficial for you, but this is a conversation that you should have with a dietitian. Ask your physician to refer you to a dietitian in your community, or go to to locate one in your area.

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2017-02-15 12:18:28 -0600 Report

you take this tips i hope success ,,
1.To make a delicious low fat mayonnaise simply combine one teaspoon Dijon mustard or one teaspoon satay sauce with low fat yoghurt.
2.Avoid skipping meals. Eating increases your metabolism, thus skipping meals can 'trick' your body into slowing down its metabolism
in an attempt to conserve calories during a period it perceives as a situation where limited fuel is available.
3.Stuffing vegetables such as capsicum and zucchini with tasty fillings of mince chicken, meat or tuna are easy to do and very healthy and low fat.
4.Pita bread roll ups or wraps with salad fillings, are great for picnics, school lunches or to take to work.
5.Exerise, exercise, exercise! Exercise increases your metabolism and burning off excess fat.
When is the best time to exercise? Our metabolism slows down about 8 hours after we wake up,
so 30 minutes of exercise in the evening, before dinner will increase your metabolism for about
two to three more hours just when it was starting to slow down. This produces a significant increase in fat burned off, even after the exercise is over.
6.Adding alfalfa or mung beans to your salad brings in extra iron.
7.Good cooking and healthy eating begins with learning about nutrition and how to prepare healthy recipes.
8.Plan the week's family menus in advance and just purchase those ingredients at a once weekly shopping trip.
9.Be positive! The more you feel good about yourself the easier and faster it is to lose weight.
10.Learn how to make over family favourite recipes by cutting out fats, salt and sugar.
Substitute non fat yoghurt for cream, stir fry minus oil and use herbs and spices instead of salt for flavour.

burnman 2016-03-08 06:14:33 -0600 Report

or you can drink a lot of optifast the shake only and dinner times use few of vegie and night time you can stop using sugar