What type of vitamins and other sources do you suggest to help boost my energy level and metabolism?

Amy Campbell


While vitamins are essential for good health, they do not actually give you energy. You get energy from carbohydrate, protein and fat, the three main nutrients in foods that provide calories. If you are lacking in energy, it may be that your eating plan needs to be revised to include healthier sources of carbohydrate, or cutting back on fatty, sugary foods. A dietitian can review your food choices, food portions and eating schedule with you and help you develop a more healthful eating plan. Keep in mind that your energy may be low if your blood glucose levels are running high. You may also have other health-related conditions that affect your energy level, such as stress. Talk to your physician first about possible causes and then you’ll have a better idea of how to best treat it. Finally, there aren’t particular foods that will boost your metabolism. But what can help is to make sure that you’re fitting regular physical activity into your schedule. Doing so will actually give you more energy and will increase the rate at which you burn calories.