How can I get my sugar levels down? I am taking 1000mg of Metformin two times a day.

Dr. William Sullivan


Metformin is usually the first medication prescribed for the management of type 2 diabetes. It is quite effective and is not associated with weight gain or low blood glucose. In general, metformin will lower the A1c by 1-1.5%. Although metformin can be quite effective, it may not be sufficient if your A1c level is over 8.5%. Many people will need additional medication to lower blood glucose into the target range. Also, although metformin may be adequate by itself for some people, it does become less effective over time. In your situation, additional medication may be needed, as you are taking a maximal dose of metformin (2000-2500 mg/day). It is important to emphasize that diet and exercise still remain very important even if you are taking medications for type 2 diabetes. You should discuss with your healthcare provider whether taking additional medications would be a good idea for you.