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I've just had my meter for a few days. At first, I was able to get enough blood for the test — I just needed a drop. But the past 2 days, I haven't been able to test because the sample was too small. What would cause this?

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The blood sample may be too small because of cold hands, not setting the depth on the lancing device high enough, or not milking the finger effectively. The meters now use very small amounts of blood, but even with this, it can still sometimes be hard to get a good blood sample. Run your hands under warm water and shake them in a downward motion before lancing the finger with the lancing device. When squeezing the finger after you have lanced it, start with the bottom of the finger and milk it to the tip, let go of the squeeze and then do it again. This allows the blood to flow more easily to the fingertip. Don’t just squeeze the tip of the finger. If you try these two steps and still do not get enough blood, adjust the depth on the lancing device to poke a little deeper. If you are still having trouble, it can help to bring your meter to your pharmacist or healthcare provide, show them how you are using it, and ask for suggestions.

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Wow, this was a very helpful detailed response to understand how to get a better blood sample.