I am wondering if I eat pasta alfredo and within the first hour postprandial I start my exercises (which always reduce my BG significantly), if the effect of the pasta on my glucose still impact my A1c in the long run? I realize one time would not, but I'm talking about perhaps having pasta alfredo at lunch maybe once a week. I no longer take oral meds or insulin for my T2 diabetes, and have learned to control my diabetes with diet & exercise. I gone from an initial A1c of 12.46 to 5.73.

Amy Campbell


You ask a good question! The answer depends in part,on how high the pasta Alfredo raises your blood glucose, and how much your blood glucose drops with exercise. Since you mention that your blood glucose drops “significantly” with exercise, it’s probably unlikely that your A1C will increase much from eating this dish just once a week. If your blood glucose levels are within target most of the time (at least 80% of the time), then it stands to reason that your A1C will remain in target, as well.

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Nonna2Three 2012-02-08 09:51:26 -0600 Report

Thank you Amy! Yes, my BG numbers are within target most of the time. Fasting is usually higher than I like, but I have yet to hit upon the secret to keeping that number down. And breakfast impacts my number more than I like, but I had to choose between a breakfast that impacts my BG more or my cholesterol more.

Balancing all the numbers associated with my health seems like an ongoing series of science/chemistry experiments - well, for me anyway because I am a picky eater. This is something that has been lifelong, so my options are somewhat limited. With as many food items are there are on my "will not eat" list I had to choose between eggs & breakfast meats (hard on my cholesterol) or Fiber One cereal (hard on my BG number).

But, I switched back to cereal in November when my cholesterol got too high. @ months later my blood-work showed significant improvement in my cholesterol numbers and my A1c was still down from last May (5.78 to 5.73). Granted, four of those 6 months I was eating eggs & breakfast meats.

With your response I will test the theory of exercise -vs- pasta Alfredo, but not until after my next A1c test because I still need to see the results of more months eating cereal over cholesterol foods. Like I said, ongoing chemistry experiments. And I wouldn't even go so far as to say that these experiments will conclude when I have had Diabetes longer and have figured everything out, because I don't think that happens. I think with Diabetes and the constant changes our bodies make that I will have to test & re-test different foods at different times to keep the numbers balanced for the rest of my life.

Again. Thank you for the response. It has helped me to decide to test the pasta Alfredo as my next set of experiments. :D