Why can't a diabetic use a heating pad?

Dr. William Sullivan


The concern over use of a heating pad by a person with diabetes is related to whether he or she has neuropathy . Some people with neuropathy, nerve damage in their feet or hands, may experience a sensation of coldness in the feet or hands. In the case of cold sensation in the feet, some people may apply a heating pad in an attempt to warm their feet. The concern is that people with neuropathy often have decreased feeling in the feet. If one applies a heating pad to an area of neuropathy, the heat generated by the heating pad may not be adequately felt and a burn injury may result. It is important to discuss with your healthcare provider whether a heating pad may be used in your particular situation.

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MissLanderson 2015-05-19 17:13:49 -0500 Report

Hi. Can Anemia and Metformin (500 mg- not needed) cause Pancreatitis? Metformin toxicity, lactic acidosis or other? Doctor insists on Rx - A1C Now = 5.3! Has been under 6.0 for 20 months!) I am going for xray and blood tests now. I am really sick! And Im scared! No Metformin since Saturday night, threw-up and Horrible nausea (worst on Sat.) Left-side upper abdominal pain, pain in low back is a tearing sensation (even excelerating car worsens it) arms and legs real achy & weak, headace, memory/ time/ thinking even worse, swollen glands, dizzy, Shortness of Breath and zinging upper ab pains (worst Sat & Sun - almost went to ER), tripping feet. And, Blurry Eyes (Worse Today), skin very dry, sweating and chills different days no known fever. Oh, and achilles tendon injured 15 months ago (never healed much) is even much worse! It's Ridiculous!

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