I was diagnosed type 2 twelve years ago. All these drugs I've taken over the years have helped some to keep my blood sugars down, but aren't they really just making my insulin resistance worse? My insulin level (on a 0 to 10 lab scale) went from 16 at diagnosis to 22 last check. Everything I've read says high insulin is what causes insulin resistance and my insulin resistance seems to only get worse and worse.

Dr. William Sullivan


This is a good question, as insulin resistance is an important factor in type 2 diabetes. However, the complications related to diabetes are primarily related to the glucose levels and in particular the A1C level. There are many people with insulin resistance who never develop type 2 diabetes. Insulin levels can be quite variable depending upon when they are measured, and they need to be interpreted relative to the blood glucose level at that time. Diet and exercise are very helpful in that they improve diabetes control as well as improve insulin resistance. You should discuss your insulin levels and, more importantly, your overall diabetes control with your healthcare provider.