I have a reli-on ultima . i was wondering is it possible o could pik at my arm instead of my fingertip?

Farrah M


Hi and thanks for the question! While I have heard of this meter I am not too familiar with it. However I went to and found out the below information for you. As stated below you can use your fingertip or forearm for an alternative. (I included the entire overview which can be found at , just select health and type in reli-on ultima and you can also view there or in the meter's manual).--Hope this helps! The ReliOn Ultima blood glucose testing system gives you industry leading technology at an incredible savings compared to the national brands. Ultima Blood Glucose Monitor cost about 40% less than the leading brands which allows you to test more often and therefore have better control over your disease. The monitor is small and discreet and comes with a convenient carrying case, a lancing device and 10 lancets. •5 second test time •0.6 microliter blood sample •Fingertip or forearm testing •End-fill strips (top-fill works as well) •450 test memory (7, 14 & 28 day averaging) •Simple 2 step procedure •Download your results •Covered by Medicare Part B •Instructions in English and Spanish

January 30, 2012 at 9:13 am