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I am trying a new diet to help control my diabetes, and worry that I'm going the wrong direction. It restricts sugar, fast carbs and processed foods and encourages slow carbs/high fiber, physical exercise. At first, my blood sugars fell and I thought it was working fine, but recently I have been getting higher readings than I expected and my weight loss has leveled off, which bothers me too. I am eating a lot of beans, eggs and unsweetened yogurt.

Amy Campbell


Not necessarily. It sounds like the program that you are following encourages healthy carbohydrate foods -- and physical activity should be part of anyone’s diabetes treatment plan. Remember that you need to control your portions of all carbohydrate foods (even the healthy ones!) as carbohydrate gets converted into blood glucose. So, while beans and unsweetened yogurt are highly nutritious, they’re still carbs and eating too much of them can lead to higher-than-desired blood glucose levels. Consider meeting with a dietitian to review your food intake and discuss carbohydrate goals that are best for you. Also, you don’t mention how long you’ve been following this eating plan, so it may be the case that the diet is working for you, but your diabetes is changing. Type 2 diabetes will change over time, meaning that your pancreas can’t make enough insulin to keep up with the body’s demands. In addition to a healthy eating plan and physical activity, most people with type 2 diabetes will need to take medication to help manage blood glucose levels. It doesn’t mean that your efforts aren’t paying off, only that you need additional help from medication. In addition to meeting with a dietitian, talk to your physician about your diabetes and the best way to manage it at this point.

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