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I have had type 1, insulin dependent diabetes for over 33 years and am experiencing more severe arm pains at night and in the mornings also. I only take some aspirin or ibuprohen for pain until my insurance starts in March, then I will go see a specialist. I am worried about my work in a tool and die plant. It's very physical work and also what I can expect long term with nueropathy; please be very honest. Should I look into finding a less laborious job or file for SSI-D?

Dr. William Sullivan


You mention that you are having severe arm pains, but you do not mention what part of the arm is being affected. Although neuropathy can affect the hand, there are many other causes of arm pain. A common cause of arm/hand pain is carpel tunnel syndrome, which can cause hand numbness and pain, especially at night. Arm pain can also be caused by other neurological problems such as a pinched nerve in the elbow or neck. It is essential that you have a full evaluation by your healthcare provider. You may need further X-rays or nerve testing to help determine the cause of your symptoms. After a diagnosis is made, then it can be determined whether it is advisable for you to remain in your current job.

January 27, 2012 at 11:01 am