Are there any adverse effects from taking Novolog insulin for too many years?

Dr. William Sullivan


Novolog insulin is one of three available rapid-acting insulins. The side effects of novolog insulin (similar to the other 2 rapid-acting insulins) include, primarily, low blood glucose and weight gain. Avoiding hypoglycemia involves balancing your food intake with your insulin dose, while accounting for other factors such as physical activity. Weight gain, at times, can be related to excessive insulin dose and eating more food to cover the insulin taken. Also, treatment of frequent low glucose levels will lead to consuming more calories. There are also local side effects including hypertrophy (or thickening) of the skin if any insulin is given repeatedly at the same injection site. Rotating insulin sites can avoid the development of hypertrophy. If you have any particular concerns about taking insulin over many years, you should discuss them with your healthcare provider.