I take Metformin at night and Januvia in the morning. My BS ranges between 130 and 160 in the morning. Is this normal?

Dr. William Sullivan


The goals for fasting glucose are individualized but, in general, I would aim for a fasting glucose level between 70-130 mg%. Your fasting glucose levels would be considered slightly elevated above goal. Both metformin and Januvia have multiple dosages so it would be helpful to know what dosages you are taking. The dosage range for Januvia is 25-100 mg/d – adjusted according to kidney function. The dosage range for metformin is 500-2500 mg/d. Depending on the dosages that you are taking, there may be room for medication adjustments. You should discuss this further with your healthcare provider. Also, even though you are be taking two medications for type 2 diabetes, it is still very important to follow your meal plan closely and to be physically active regularly.

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granny grunt
granny grunt 2016-04-09 07:55:54 -0500 Report

I have a question. Anyone taking Januvia 100mg. have any problems with constipation ?? I am now taking metformin twice a day along with insulin 3x a day & it is causing me to suffer from constipation so going to see my Endo, on Monday to see if he will take me off the metformin.