I have a sinus infection after a 3 hour flight. I feel horrible, I'm hot then cold, I'm on amoxicillian, & my sugars are from 89 to 400(after breakfast). This is day 8. Does my doctor need to know about this or is this normal when the body fights in an infection, Thanks. I should walk & get that 400 down but I really want to sleep. p.s when my dad was on insulin he'd adjust the insulin to get his number slower, does metformin work in a similar way?

Patty Bonsignore


During times of illness, we recommend people with diabetes check their blood glucose more often than usual and report highs to their doctor. A spike in blood glucose up to 400 is significant and could be a sign your sinus infection is persisting or worsening. Your medications can be changed or adjusted during illness in an attempt to lower the blood glucose levels. It is easier to adjust insulin during illness than it is oral medications, as you recall your father doing. Unfortunately, metformin doesn’t work in quite the same way. If your highs are persisting despite antibiotic therapy, it is best to check in with your doctor.

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Anonymous 2017-11-21 22:36:49 -0600 Report

I have a question. If someone's diabetes went from 6.71 to 10 then down to 8 then they're put on mediformin then Januvia is added to the mix then after 2 years they get a severe UTI and yeast infection then when the dr gives u antibiotics and they take a urine sample and find glucose in it and a little bit of keto actidosis the patient is then given glimerpride and sent to a diabetes dr with the talk of injections and they start to loose weight how can they still have diabetes when they've lost 30+ lbs and i work at a customer service job bringing in carts. i just now started testing my own blood sugar and its still high so whats the deal?

Lahaina1 2016-08-16 15:51:14 -0500 Report

Has anyone had a low reading while taking apple cider vinegar pills. Wondering how long the effect of these pills lasts. Is it for a few hours or for many hours.

Anonymous 2016-01-14 11:01:29 -0600 Report

As of January 1st, I switched to a High Deductible Insurance Plan and now find that my monthly Levemir (80 units daily) injection will be over $800. I know there is no generic, but can you give me the names of similar products that work the same way? Are there any Tier 1 meds that could replace Levemir?I am also on Metformin (once a day), and Nateglinide (3 X a day) and I take Simvastatin for high cholesterol. Thank you

emj464 2015-03-06 00:14:23 -0600 Report

Ionce the ankles get swollenl can anything be done for it or do they swollen forever? I am very scared

emj464 2015-03-06 00:12:40 -0600 Report

Ionce the ankles get swollenl can anything be done for it or do they swollen forever? I am very scared