My BS has been on the track for quite a while, morning reading between 110 - 120. Recently my BS morning fluctuate from 118 - 135, sometimes 145. I have been eating the same like before. Does menopause bring up my BS. Please advice.

Amy Campbell


It’s normal for blood glucose levels to creep up over time if you have type 2 diabetes (and I’m assuming this is the type of diabetes that you have). Over time, the pancreas produces less insulin. When this happens, you generally need to start taking diabetes medicine if you’re not taking it already, increase the dose of your diabetes medicine if you are already taking it, or add another medicine. In addition, other factors can raise your blood glucose, such as menopause, for example. The hormone fluctuations that occur during menopause can raise blood glucose levels. Sometimes women gain weight during menopause (even while eating the same amount of food) and that, too, can raise blood glucose levels. Please work with your doctor to discuss how to best address your higher glucose readings. Likely, you’ll need to either start taking diabetes medicine or increase your dose. You might also consider meeting with a dietitian to review your eating plan and adjust it, if necessary.

June 7, 2014 at 5:09 pm

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yodabear 2014-07-17 08:56:57 -0500 Report

my bs have been through the roof the past couple of months because of being unable to purchase my insulin, I tried to eat right ,daily exercise but my bs still was high,a trip to the dr and she placed me on Humalog mix .my sugars are slowly coming down but usually like 175 fasting the thing is I felt better when it was up and now that its coming down I feel weak ,jittery, eyes blurred. question is ''will I ever feel myself again and is it normal for u to have blurry vision when ur numbers are going down?