He has had type 2 for 15 years. Three weeks ago glucose was 450. I'm watching everything he eats now and counting carbs, and we have it down to 208. Is it normal to take this long to come down?

Dr. William Sullivan


It is good that you have been more careful with your diet and have seen a significant improvement in your blood glucose (sugar) levels – although clearly your blood glucose remains higher than desired. You don’t mention what medications you may be taking, as certain medications are able to lower blood glucose more quickly. Insulin, in particular, is able to lower blood glucose levels fairly rapidly. After 15 years of diabetes, your own pancreas is likely secreting less insulin than previously. As diabetes is a progressive disease, the pancreas is less able to secrete insulin over time and thus it may take longer to see improvement in high blood glucose levels. It would be important to continue to work closely with a dietitian as well as your health care provider to help make adjustments in your meal plan and any medications that you may be taking.

December 21, 2011 at 4:31 pm