I have brought down my sugar levels from 300-400 to 130-120 in the mornings. I have also been able to control it much better than before. But my question is why do I go to the bathroom 3-4 times at night? What am I doing that is making me do this so much at night?

Dr. David Erani


It’s great that you have brought your morning blood glucose levels down as you describe. In addition to knowing your A1C, it is important to know your blood glucose levels throughout the day. If your blood glucose levels are in the range you reported throughout the day, you have done a lot to decrease your risk of the complications of diabetes! You may be having high blood glucose levels at night which can cause increased urination overnight. But while waking up at night to urinate can be caused by high blood glucose levels, there are also other causes. In men, prostate enlargement is an increasingly common cause with advancing age. An enlarged prostate does not allow for complete emptying of the bladder and causes increased urinary frequency. In women, bladder problems can cause increased urinary frequency, especially after childbirth. This would be best addressed by a gynecologist or urologist. Finally, avoiding drinking in the period before you go to bed may help.

April 25, 2014 at 10:25 am

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RebDee 2014-06-15 07:04:06 -0500 Report

The difference in your position from standing or sitting to lying down and the difference in how your body works when you are asleep is what makes you want to urinate during the night. After all you are supposed to drink 8 8 oz glasses of water per day and that water needs a way out. Actually, I don't think you need to urinate any more at night than during the day but it is that it wakes you up that is annoying.