My granddaughter was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She is starting her 29th week. We are walking daily and trying to eat a balanced diet, but her BG levels are still spiking. Her doctor started her on glyburide 5 mg. once a day. Is there anything else she should be doing?

Amy Campbell


At Joslin Diabetes Center’s Pregnancy Clinic, women with gestational diabetes are typically seen by an endocrinologist every one to four weeks, and then meet with a diabetes nurse educator and a dietitian regularly to learn how to check blood glucose, review blood glucose levels, discuss a healthy eating plan and review, overall, how the treatment plan is working. If blood glucose levels are not within target range (either before meals or 1 hour after a meal) despite following the meal plan and doing approved physical activity, insulin is started. I’d suggest that your daughter make an appointment with her doctor and request referrals to a nurse educator and a dietitian, if she has not done so already.