When Cinnamon is mention, why isn't it made clear that there are three types of Cinnamon. There is only one TRUE Cinnamon and that is Ceylon. Most Cinnamons sold in Supermarkets are of the Cassia type and the Cassia type has a higher level of Coumarin and the Ceylon type has the least. I think this is important information that people should be aware of.

Amy Campbell


You have a good point. However, most of the studies using cinnamon have used the Cassia variety. It’s not known if Ceylon cinnamon has the same effect on blood glucose levels. Cassia does have higher levels of coumarin, a chemical that may harm the liver, although up to a teaspoon per day is considered to be safe. Furthermore, only certain people are at risk for getting too much coumarin, particularly those who have liver disease. It’s always recommended to discuss taking any kind of supplement with your healthcare provider.

March 5, 2014 at 6:28 pm

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