I am so upset, can you tell me why after sticking to very low calories and very low carbs that after I go to the gym where I walk on fat burn burn level for 60 minutes then do 45 minutes of weight training that I come home and my sugar spike up to 290. When my morning sugars were in the 90's. Ready to give up!

Amy Campbell


Don’t give up! You’re doing all the right things. Aerobic exercise and resistance training are very important to do for many reasons, including helping to manage your diabetes. It’s normal for blood glucose levels to go up after exercising, especially if the exercise is of high intensity. When you exercise, your muscles need more glucose for energy. In response, your liver increases the amount of glucose it releases into your bloodstream. Remember, however, that the glucose needs insulin in order to be used by your muscles. So if you do not have enough insulin available, your blood glucose levels can actually increase right after exercise. Basically, stimulated by the demand from your exercising muscles, your body is pouring glucose into your bloodstream. If you do not have enough insulin available to "unlock the door" to your muscles, the glucose cannot get into your muscles to provide needed energy. The end result is that glucose backs-up in your bloodstream, causing higher blood glucose readings. Also, the body considers exercise to be a stress on the body which triggers the release of stress hormones. These also cause higher blood glucose levels. What’s important is that your glucose levels drop back down into a safe range later on. And, make sure that your starting glucose levels are not too high, which can indicate a lack of insulin. As a precaution, I’d suggest you talk with your healthcare provider or a diabetes educator to discuss a strategy for safely exercising.

March 4, 2014 at 10:21 pm