As you age and have been a diabetic over a long time. without any big changes in diet or exercise is it normal for your level to just start jumping up. Do you need to change your medication after years? or are my organ all starting to fail. I also stopped working and fine I do not go to sleep early any more Sleep less and take afternoon naps.

Patty Bonsignore


Yes, with type 2 diabetes, the pancreas makes less insulin over time. When less insulin is available, blood glucose levels increase and more medications are needed to keep them controlled. This is the natural course of the disease. As blood glucose levels go up, it is common to feel like you have failed and that your diabetes is getting worse. In point of fact, as long as your blood glucose levels are maintained within a safe range, the complications associated with diabetes are unlikely to progress. In other words, just because you need to take more medicine does not mean your diabetes is getting worse; it just means you need more medicine to control the numbers. Your numbers are also likely going up due to a change in work status. Less activity and less of a regular routine can also lead to changes in blood glucose numbers.