I do not have diabetes but my girl was just diagnosed. It is type 1B. She has been an active runner for the past year and a half. in the last 6 months she is training for her first marathon. since she started this training that's when the problems started. she went from a little fatigue, to pre diabetic, to put on medication, to just put on insulin and a type 1B. All this in the last 3 months. Doctor said that the running is not causing it. no family history, should we get a 2nd opinion? thanks

Amy Campbell


Type 1B diabetes (also known as idiopathic type 1 diabetes) is defined as diabetes not associated with autoantibodies, but for which insulin is required for survival. People with type 1B diabetes cannot produce insulin and are at risk for ketoacidosis, but the need for insulin injections can be variable over time. People of African, Hispanic and Asian descent are more likely to develop type 1B diabetes than whites, and it tends to run in the family. You certainly could get a second opinion if you’re unsure about your daughter’s diagnosis. Hopefully she is checking her blood glucose and, as needed, taking insulin to keep her glucose readings within a safe range. It might also be helpful if you ask her doctor to refer you and your daughter to a diabetes educator for further education on how to best manage this condition.

November 26, 2013 at 11:02 pm