How urgent should it be for me to see the doctor & which doctor? I'm very unfamiliar with diabetes management. I haven't done very much at all with the diet limits. I've tested very few times a month. Latest blood sugar readings are between 280 & 320.

Amy Campbell


You don’t mention when you last saw your doctor, so given that, I’d recommend that you make an appointment with your primary care provider fairly soon. Consistently high blood glucose readings over a long period of time is cause for concern, as this raises your risk of developing diabetes-related complications. Your doctor will very likely start you on diabetes medication if you’re not currently taking any, or, if you are, will probably increase your dose of your current medication and/or add an additional one. And it’s possible that he or she may refer you to a diabetes specialist, or endocrinologist. I’d also recommend that you ask your doctor to refer you to a local diabetes education program to learn more about your diabetes (including meal planning, blood glucose monitoring, risk reduction and sick day management). Diabetes is best managed with a team approach, and your “team” should consist, at minimum, of your doctor, a diabetes educator (often a nurse), and a dietitian. Sometimes people have other healthcare members on their team, too, such as an exercise physiologist, a mental health provider, a pharmacist or other specialists.