I have type 1 diabetes and have severe gum disease. I am in need of financial help as I cannot afford the expense. I have tried several places to no avail. Are there any suggestions?

Patty Bonsignore


I would call several dentist offices near where you live. Find out if they have any special payment arrangements for people in your situation. Sometimes dentists will give a certain amount of their time to help people with no insurance, particularly if they have other health issues, as is the situation in your case. Also, check with any churches or community organizations in your area and ask them about free medical clinics. The professionals working in these clinics may know of dentists or periodontal surgeons providing similar types of donated services. If you live near a dental school, it is worth checking into services they can offer for free or at a greatly discounted price. Dental students need to learn and are well supervised, so this may be another option for you.

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Yerachmiel 2013-11-25 17:28:29 -0600 Report

I remember once looking this up for a freind in similar situation. It turns out that many (if not all) state dental programs have a training program where a person with either a serious medical condition or serious financial hardship can get free or close to free dental care from the students (with a professor/professional dentist watching/assisting).

Not sure which state you are in or what the program might be called but look on the web under state (and city) name and the words "State Dental assistance program..l