My boyfriend has type 2 diabetes.......also high blood pressure. He hasn't followed a diet. He drinks 2-5 diet cokes a day and eats poorly. He does no exercise and now his A1C is high. He has to have surgery on his arm in a week but only if he can get his A1C at 7......his A1C is 10 currently. I have been trying to have him eat healthier and cut out the diet cokes and exercise for the last 3 months but he is so stubborn. He takes metformin at this time only. What can we do to get it lowered?

Amy Campbell


It’s highly unlikely that your boyfriend’s A1C of 10 will drop down to 7 by next week. It typically takes 2-3 months for A1C levels to change, as the A1C is a measure of average blood glucose levels over the past 2-3 months. However, the main issue is your boyfriend’s willingness (or lack thereof) to manage his diabetes. You’re doing your best to help him, which is great, but he needs to be able and willing to make changes to his lifestyle, including eating healthfully and getting physical activity. You can’t make him do anything, but you can certainly let him know that you care about him and that you want to help him. Has he been to a diabetes education program? If not, suggest that he look into classes or meeting with a diabetes educator. Offer to go with him. You might also suggest that he talk with his healthcare provider about his diabetes and what he can do to lower his A1C. He likely needs either a higher dose of his metformin and/or another type of medicine (which might include insulin). It’s common for people to be fearful about having diabetes, but that fear can interfere with diabetes self-management. Talking with a provider or a behavioral health provider can help to address those fears and barriers.

September 18, 2013 at 6:49 pm

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Hey, I feel what your going through. Most men don't listen to their doctors or spouse/girlfriend. I am also, a diabetic my husbands stays out of control his A1c was 10.5 last month and mine was 6.2. He gets angry when I do so much better in my lab work than him. I have lost 28 pounds this year and that in it self has helped me. Byron is very skinny me way over weight. I cook very healthy meals what I buy for snacks is also healthy like granola bars instead of cookies I do buy cookies the sugar free ones but if I don't stay on him he will eat the whole bag in one night. Pasta and bread big issue with us we love them both. So wheat bread and you can start by buying the white wheat bread and the pasta there are healthier ones out there, just have to take the time at the store and look. Cereal I buy Cheerios's 3grams of sugar it's not going to be easy to say the least but what I have told you it's a start.Let me know how your doing and if I can help. REMEMBER FAST FOOD IS WAY OUT OF THE PARK..