I get sweats after eating but at other times of day I get cold and clammy. My doctor says I am prediabetic, but after a 12 hr fast, I was 115. What do you think? I would like to get an A1c test. Would the doctor test me if I am just asking to be tested?

Patty Bonsignore


Your fasting blood glucose of 115 does indicate a diagnosis of prediabetes (a fasting blood glucose for one who does not have diabetes or prediabetes is less than 100). Given this diagnosis, I believe your question is whether your symptoms after meals are related to your blood glucose levels? The answer is maybe. During the pre- diabetes phase, the body is still struggling to keep blood glucose levels in control by making too much insulin. When too much insulin is made, blood glucose levels may drop after meals. The sweating, cold, clammy feelings you are having after meals could be something called reactive hypoglycemia. Reactive hypoglycemia is a type of low blood glucose (less than 60) that can occur 1 to 2 hours after eating a high carbohydrate, lowfat, low-protein meal. It could also be that the symptoms are completely unrelated to the prediabetes diagnosis. When you have these symptoms, check your blood glucose level. If the number is between 70 and 140, it is unlikely that the symptoms are related to your prediabetes diagnosis. Whether you do or don’t have reactive hypoglycemia, it is a good idea to make an appointment with a nutritionist to discuss how to manage your eating and physical activity to avoid diabetes.