Have a father (80 yrs old) that has been diabetic for a while. He has been refusing to eat and only wants to lay around and sleep. He was put in hospital a couple of months back, but is not doing the same thing as before.

Amy Campbell


There could be a number of reasons why your father is not eating and is sleeping frequently. High blood glucose levels can cause a person to feel very tired and lethargic. But his behavior may also indicate that he is depressed. Or perhaps he isn’t feeling well due to a medical condition other than his diabetes. Why was he hospitalized? Is he checking his blood glucose levels? If not, perhaps you can help him check his blood glucose to rule out high (or low) blood glucose levels. Glucose readings that are frequently outside of his target range indicate a need for a change to his diabetes treatment plan, such as a higher dose or different type of medicine. Would your father consider having you accompany him to see his healthcare provider? If not, perhaps he would allow you to communicate with his doctor on his behalf to discuss a course of action.

August 30, 2013 at 12:12 pm