What type of diabetes do I have? I was originally diagnosed as type 2. After several years, the doctors told me I was insulin dependent. I was never over weight and the meds I took for type 2 never worked. I am presently on an insulin pump.

Patty Bonsignore


It’s hard to know which type of diabetes you have without reviewing your medical history. You could have type 2 diabetes or you could have a variation of type 1 diabetes called LADA, latent autoimmune diabetes of adults. LADA is a form of type 1 diabetes that occurs in adults and is often misdiagnosed as type 2 because the onset and symptoms develop more slowly than those symptoms typically seen in type 1. At diagnosis, many people with type 1 diabetes (most often children or young adults) present with very high blood glucose levels, weight loss and dehydration. Insulin is needed immediately to stabilize blood glucose levels. However with LADA, the symptoms are not as obvious. The blood glucose levels may be high but not very high, ketones may or may not be present in the urine or blood and the weight loss may be gradual. One of the signs that someone may have LADA is the fact that oral medications never work to bring the blood glucose levels down. So, how will you know if you have type 2 diabetes or LADA? Have your doctor review your medical history. Ask him/her if antibody levels were checked. If not have him/her check insulin antibodies. If you have insulin antibodies you may have LADA a variation of type 1 diabetes.

July 1, 2013 at 10:39 am