I am doing very well in watching my carbs and sugar intake, and with the help of Metformin and Victoza my sugar levels are fantastic. However, I have stopped losing weight over the past three weeks and I think it's because I'm not getting enough calories. How do I add more calories to my diet without adding carbs or fat or sugar?

Amy Campbell


I’m glad that the metformin and Victoza are helping you manage your diabetes. It’s perfectly normal to hit a weight loss plateau. Your body may be readjusting to a decrease in calories. But if you have more weight to lose, make sure you’re not going below 1200 calories (for women) or 1500 calories (for men); eating too little food can trick your body into think it’s starving and, as a result, the body slows its metabolic rate in an effort to conserve calories. So, as you mentioned, perhaps you need to boost your calorie intake a bit. You can do this by adding leaner protein foods to your eating plan, such as lean meat, poultry, fish, lower-fat cheese and eggs. Also, adding a little fat isn’t a bad thing just choose wisely: olive or canola oil, nuts, seeds and avocado are healthy fats. Keep in mind your portions, too. You may be eating healthy foods but your serving sizes may have crept up a bit. Try weighing and measuring your foods for a while. Don’t forget physical activity. In order to lose weight and keep the weight off, experts recommend aiming for 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. Your physical activity plan should include an aerobic component (walking, biking, swimming, dancing) as well as resistance training (using hand weights, resistance bands, kettle bells or machines if you have them available or if you go to a gym). Finally, keep a food record for a few days to find out exactly what you’re eating and where you might be getting off track. You might also consider meeting with a dietitian for more guidance.

June 16, 2013 at 10:17 am

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Grandmama16 2013-08-24 00:39:11 -0500 Report

60-90 min of activity!! I couldn't do it…period. I hope the person who asked the question can. I have fibromyalgia and am 69.