Are diabetes and mood swings real? My partner has type 1 diabetes and he suffers from a lot of mood swings, to the extent that he can get aggressive sometimes. And is it true that conflicts and arguments that we have sometimes can cause a lot of ups and downs for his sugar level? I need someone with a living experience to guide me through that.

Patty Bonsignore


Extreme highs or lows of blood glucose can definitely affect mood, however many other things can affect mood as well, such as depression and stress. It is hard to know whether the highs and lows of his blood glucose levels are causing the mood swings, leading to disagreements or whether the disagreements are causing the highs and lows and the mood swings. Stress usually causes blood glucose to go up. If he finds his blood glucose level goes up after a disagreement, it could be the argument that caused it. Also, aggressive behavior can be a sign of low blood glucose. If he is being aggressive, ask him to check his blood glucose to make sure it is not low. Let him know you are concerned and ask him if he is willing to check his blood glucose more frequently. Only by having him check his blood glucose more often, will you and he be able to better understand the causes of the mood swings.

June 6, 2013 at 9:32 am

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Being a diabetic for 11yrs and 4mnths, I frequently go through mood swings. I used to think I was bipolar and other times I just assumed that maybe it's because I'm a woman LOL. However, when my blood sugar is high, I don't want to be bothered, I'm irritated, I'm in my own world, I have an attitude at times, I keep to myself, I'm quiet. Me being high is worse than me being low when it comes to mood swings. You just have to give the person space until that individual is ready to interact with you level-headed level.