How can I gain weight and keep it on? After being diagnosed type 2 in 1989, I dropped my weight from 216 to around 165 and stayed there until two years ago. Then I began having a problem losing weight and not being able to regain it. Now, I am 145 and will drop to 142 or so and take weeks to regain what I had lost. I’m on Glimeperide, tramadol, corvedilol, lisinopril . I am 5'9" and 70 yrs old, and also have dysplasia, so eating is slow, and I fill up fast.

Patty Bonsignore


There are many reasons people lose weight, especially as they get older, including simply not eating enough. Your weight loss may or may not be related to your diabetes. However, any time someone loses more than 10 pounds without trying, more serious medical problems need to be ruled out as the cause . Let your doctor know you are losing weight without trying and that you are concerned. Ask about unexplained weight loss, what can cause it and what testing is needed to rule our more serious medical problems. It may turn out to be nothing, however, it’s very important to make sure your doctor is aware of it.

June 5, 2013 at 4:13 pm