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I was taking amaryl but it made my blood drop below 50 after 2 hours and I was sweaty and dizzy. I stopped taking them and don't have that problem any more. Did I really need that amaryl?

Dr. William Sullivan


Glimepiride (Amaryl) is in the class of medications called sulfonylureas. The main side effect of these drugs is low blood glucose. This effect of glimepiride is dose-related – so that higher dosages are more likely to cause low blood glucose. If you are having low blood glucose related to glimepiride, it could be related to taking a higher dose than needed. Other factors that can make one more likely to experience low blood glucose on glimepiride include delaying or skipping a meal, excessive physical activity, or alcohol use. You should talk with your healthcare provider about your symptoms -- he or she may suggest lowering your dose of glimepiride, or perhaps switching to a medication not associated with low blood glucose.