Should I still be taking my Humalog, even if my blood sugar is low? I think I did this as a child, but my husband doesn't want me to, as he really dislikes treating my "lows." And I can't say that I blame him; I am apparently quite violent when my blood sugar is low. I have Type 1 diabetes, and have never been in very good control.

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BrendaMarie68 2013-06-02 21:38:19 -0500 Report

Define "low". I just went through this with MY Humalog doses. I was taking them on a regular basis, whether I was "high" or low… and was doing it wrong. I thought you had to take it before meals no matter what… but I was going too low (because Humalog is fast acting). My Primary Care changed my doses. NOW I only take the Humalog if I am under 100.