I've had some bowel movements which resulted in a certain amount of blood leaking from my rectal area. In October 2012, I became a mom for the first time to a 9lb 5oz baby girl but even before then, those particular episodes became constant. I'm getting worried because it's becoming more frequent, and my stool has become hard to the point where it hurts to go to the bathroom and I've felt a part of my colon creeping out a bit. Is what I'm experiencing a cause for alarm or not?

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Hi! Obviously, this could be serious. Tests can be very simple. First step is to run to the phone and make a doctor's appt. You have a child and have a responsibility to take care of yourself. The doctor my give you an examination in the office to check for hemmorhoids. If it is that, I would recommend Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 mg inclu 360 mg Omega-3. It works as an excellent stool softener that is healthy for you. It can be picked up at stores like Walmart, Meijers or Health Food stores.
Your colon could be becoming enlarged due to your not emptying out your bowels daily when you go to the bathroom. Nature Made Fish Oil will help that as well.

Obviously, a worse case scenario can be colon cancer but there are so many other things your body can be telling you. Whatever it is, you need to go to the doctor and get their suggestions. If it is hemmorhoids, the doctor may suggest you wipe your bottom with baby wipes after you go as that can help things down there to.

Another thing the doctor might do is give you a packet and ask you to send in a stool sample to a lab of their choice. If they do that, ask for hat. That is a plastic container that sits in under the toilet ring and then the packet comes with a plastic knife like utensil to cut up a piece of the stool and send it to the lab. Try to get a piece with the blood on it so that they can test the blood as well. That can help them determine where the blood is coming from. I would recommend that you start using the Fish Oil as soon as possible because that can really help you get on track with proper bowel movements in a short period of time. That can be the most common reason for blood in your stools. Having babies can exacerbate hemmorhoids by having to strain and push the baby out.

However, while you can start treating for hemmoroids immediately, you shouldn't just assume that it is limited to that case. If the doctor advises that is all it is, then great. Thank God, count your blessings and just plan on taking at lest one fish oil capsule a day for the rest of your life so you stay on track. And Omega 3 is good for your body to stay healthy. I recommend the Burp-Less type.

The doctor also my send you to a specialist to have a colonoscopy. That is where they use anesthetic to put you lightly to sleep while the doctor runs a scope up thru your colon. The specialist will tell you what to do to get yourself thoroughly cleaned out prior to having the exam. They just take a look inside your colon to look for polyps that might be bleeding or anything else that could be amiss. Polyps may be cancerous or non-cancerous. The doctor usually just gently slices the polyp off of the wall of the cancer and then sends it to the lab for them to determine which it is and send a report back. Usually the most uncomfortable thing about the entire colonoscopy is getting yourself cleaned out the night before. You are asleep during the exam so you don't feel a thing. There are some doctors that don't put the patient asleep and I must say that many people prefer to be asleep during the exam. Colonoscopies generally do not cause any bleeding of the rectum afterwards. Since you were put asleep during the exam, you are not allowed to drive yourself home. I have had a about 3 colonoscopies and it is definitely no big deal. It is usually covered by your insurance company but you still should check ahead of time.

I can't stress enough that you definitely need to get this checked out asap. It may be something as simple as hemmorhoids but it could be something much more serious. The rule of thumb is to get an early discovery on things so that you can determine your options, make educated decisions and get it taken care of asap.

Hope that helps to answer your question.


I re-read your statement about your colon creeping out a little bit. At first I was thinking that it might be giving you a little pooch but after I re-read it,
you might be referring to getting an external hemmorhoid. Their are both internal and external hemmorhoids. It is quite common for females to have hemmorhoids. But you must take care of them. When you take care of them, the hemmorhoids will shrink and basically behave themselves when you take a stool softener like fish oil. When you don't, they can get so bad that you actually have to have them surgically removed; which as you can imagine, would not be all that fun.