Should I be worried? I was on Januvia but recently saw articles that said Januvia, byetta and other like meds were being investigated for causing pre-cancerous cells in the pancreas and causing pancreatic cancer. I stopped the Januvia as I did not want to take a chance on this happening. I am still on metformin and Glucotrol twice a day, and am still doing well as morning readings are 100-110 avg. and night readings are 135-155 avg. I am type 2 diabetic.

Dr. David Erani


You should not be worried. While there is some evidence of an association between these drugs and pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, that is not the same as evidence that the drugs cause the conditions. This is an important difference. For example, if obese people are more likely to take these medications and obese people are also more likely to get these conditions, taking the medications would be associated with the conditions, but only because each is associated with obesity. If you are concerned about the risk, you can continue to not take the drugs as long as you can maintain good control of your diabetes without them. Judging by your blood glucose numbers, you are doing that. You should also discuss your concerns with your healthcare provider and ask him or her about other medications you might take if they are needed.

May 7, 2013 at 2:20 pm