What is a "safe" glucose count? Should it be like 120 or so? How can you bring down a high sugar count?

Patty Bonsignore


Blood glucose levels vary greatly throughout the day. Sometimes the numbers can be in the 80s before meals and then in the mid 100s after a meal. If by “safe” you mean what is the target blood glucose range for most people with diabetes, , then the answer would be 70-130 before meals, less than 180 after meals and 90-150 at bedtime. If you are within these targets most of the time, you are doing great. Do not worry though if your blood glucose occasionally goes above this target;to be out of range at times is normal and to be expected. I think the second part of your question is what is “safe” for blood glucose and that all depends on where your numbers usually are. In general, we recommend that people who are normally well controlled call in if their blood glucose numbers go above 250 for more than two readings in a row. To bring a high blood glucose down, you can drink water or take a walk. If the high blood glucose is from an infection, you will want to call your doctor, because sometimes only by treating the infection will you be able to lower your blood glucose numbers.

May 3, 2013 at 4:59 am