I have type 2 diabetes and have had it for about 15 yrs. I'm a cancer(colon) survivor (1986) and suffer from allergies and for yrs from sinuis problem constantly. About 10yrs ago I began slowly noticing a light headache after drinking coffee in the morning. Slowly its gotten alot worst to the point that that it seems that I feel so bad that I feel disoriented and it seems I'm going to passout. I mention this to 2 different doctors but it went in one ear out othe other. I have beien placing the coffee in the freezer to get it luke warn so I can drink it. I still get those symtoms and now get those symtoms even without drinking coffee. It come at any time of the day. I have been taking ativan(2 mg morning and 1mg at 5 to6 pm) and that calm me down since I also suffer from stress and aniexty/and hypothyriod. Is this the signs of a block vein/problem with sinuis/stress-anxiety??? What type of doctor should I see? I am 62 yrs old-enlarge heart/retired teacher(29 yrs). my doctor told me since 10 yrs ago I was disable/went to try to get medicare from social security but denied and yet the office was filled with illegals applying for all type of help. I need medical help before it gets too late!!

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January 18, 2012 at 10:50 am