Is it possible to be sick and have low blood sugar? I am sick and at first my blood sugar was really high but now it is dropping really fast and I keep snacking on things to try and raise it but nothing is working. Help?!

Patty Bonsignore


Usually blood glucose levels go up during illness, but occasionally some people will have lows when they are ill. I am not sure if you are taking insulin or not, but it could be that you took too much insulin to correct your high blood glucose level and, for this reason, your blood glucose started to drop quickly. Lows during illness are less likely than highs, but can occur if you are eating less than usual but still taking the same dose of your diabetes medicines If your appetite is poor during illness and you cannot tolerate solid food, then you may want to drink a sugary drink one hour, alternating with a non-sugary drink (such as diet ginger ale) the next. This allows you to get enough carbohydrates and can prevent the lows. When someone with diabetes is unable to tolerate both foods and fluids, it is best that they call their doctor and get an adjustment in their medicine.

April 4, 2013 at 5:20 pm