I'm wondering if I actually have full-blown diabetetes or pre-diabetes. I was diagnosed with T2 in feb. When I went for my fasting blood glucose test, my serum glucose result was 109 and my A1c came back at 6.9. I have been doing some research and everything I read says these numbers are pre diabetes, but doctor put me on Metformin 500mg once a day, and now I am hungry all the time, and my numbers when I test are higher than the original number. My am numbers before eating are 148 to 158. Why?

Patty Bonsignore


The fasting blood glucose test at 109 indicates a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, whereas the A1C of 6.9 indicates a diagnosis of diabetes. Joslin’s and the American Diabetes Association guidelines recommend a diagnosis of diabetes be confirmed by at least two positive tests. To confirm your diagnosis, your healthcare provider can order another A1C or fasting blood glucose test or oral glucose tolerance test . Before this , however, your metformin will need to be temporarily stopped for a couple of weeks. First thing however is to review your concerns with your doctor. Currently, your home blood glucose numbers indicate diabetes and not pre-diabetes as the more likely diagnosis, though diabetes cannot be diagnosed with home tests. . Your blood glucose numbers may be on the higher side now because 1) blood glucose numbers tend to be higher pre- meal than fasting, 2) the original fasting blood glucose did not reflect your usual fasting number, or, 3) you might be eating more now that you are on metformin and hungry. Usually metformin does not make people hungry, but it may just be how your body is responding to it. Regardless of whether you have prediabetes or diabetes, metformin can be used for both conditions.

March 16, 2013 at 12:09 am