I have been trying to lose 30 pounds for many years and when I saw my endocrinologist last week he mentioned many of his patients have had good luck with Metabolic Research Centers. Do you know anything about their program or have you heard of any results for type 1 diabetics? I am a type 1 diabetic for 26 years with an A1C of 6.2.

Amy Campbell


I’m not completely familiar with the Metabolic Research Center program, but from what I’ve read, this company, which has facilities in several states, promotes a lower carbohydrate, higher-protein eating plan. In order to meet the daily protein requirements, you drink a protein supplement several times each day. You’re limited as to how many fruits, vegetables and grain foods you can eat in a day. My understanding is that you may also be advised to take other nutritional supplements based on the results of your individualized assessment. All of this of course comes at a price, and you should be sure to have a full understanding of your weekly or monthly costs. Anecdotal reviews posted about this program are mixed, but as with any diet or weight-loss program, if you follow it, you will likely lose weight. The hardest part is keeping the weight off, and doing so involves many factors, including daily exercise and portion control. I do not know if this program accepts people who have type 1 diabetes; you would need to speak to someone at a Metabolic Research Center to find this out. Also, if you are interested in trying this program, be sure to discuss it further with your healthcare provider beforehand to make sure it is safe and appropriate for you to participate in.

March 5, 2013 at 5:46 pm