When i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes the doctor walked in, said you have diabetes, wrote two prescriptions and left. No instructions on how to manage it, or where to go to find out. Now 8 years later it is just getting worse. I started out on 2 pills, then 2 pills and sliding scale insulin. Now I am on Metformin 1000 mg 2xdaily, 5 units Humilin before meals, 15 units lantus at bedtime. I dont understand about carbs or really anything about the proper diet.

Amy Campbell


There’s so much more to managing diabetes than just taking medicine. Everyone with diabetes needs to learn about their condition and how to best take care of it. I strongly suggest that you look into diabetes education programs in your community. Chances are, your local hospital offers a program. Visit their website or call and inquire about classes or sessions with a diabetes educator and dietitian. You can also visit the American Diabetes website at or give them a call to ask about resources in your area. Diabetes education is time well-spent; you’ll feel more in control and be better equipped to take care of your diabetes.

March 5, 2013 at 2:20 am