Can you tell me if Lantus is better or Levemir? I was taking Lantus at first, now I am on Levemir. My diabetes is really bouncing all around on Levemir. When I was on Lantus it seemed to be OK. I seem to be breaking out as well as bruising.

Patty Bonsignore


Lantus and Levemir are very similar in how they are dosed, their safety and effectiveness. A few years ago some providers were switching people from Lantus to Levemir due to concerns about whether Lantus may cause an increased risk for certain types of cancer. Since that time, several studies have looked at this issue, the most important of which was the Origins trial, and have concluded that in fact there is no increased risk of cancer among people using Lantus. Another important difference between the two is that Lantus seems to have a slightly longer duration of action than Levemir, and for this reason, often times practitioners will dose Levemir twice daily to ensure that the full 24 hours of the day are covered. If you are breaking out and bruising more with Levemir and have found that your blood glucose control with Lantus is better, it may be worth it for you to switch back to Lantus.

February 20, 2013 at 12:05 pm